What is lunar timekeeping? It’s related to the income of strippers… (“the moon” part 2 of 3)

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A previous blog post discussed the meaning of solstices and equinoxes and this one will discuss the concept of a month.  What an interesting coincidence that our moon, like healthy young women, cycles every 28 days. The moon appears to  “wax and wane” depending on its position relative to the Earth and the sun’s illumination.  […]

High Cholesterol is like Lucy wrapping chocolates

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In this interview I discuss the different types of cholesterol, and that high cholesterol may be signs that the body is underutilizing cholesterol instead of having too much.  I describes the chemistry of cholesterol and explain why the logic behind statin drugs is wrong. So when you really drill down and you really step back and you say, “Okay. What … Read More

Why is TA-65 safer and more effective than HGH?

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Why is TA-65 safer and more effective than HGH? Watch this 2 minute video For the background info discussed, see this page from my website for more information http://www.rechargebiomedical.com/ta-65.php?page=38 Thank you to everyone who sent me great title ideas for my new book about Telomerase Activation Medicine! I have decided upon “Telomere Timb Bombs – defusing the terror of aging” … Read More