High Cholesterol is like Lucy wrapping chocolates

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In this interview I discuss the different types of cholesterol, and that high cholesterol may be signs that the body is underutilizing cholesterol instead of having too much.  I describes the chemistry of cholesterol and explain why the logic behind statin drugs is wrong.

So when you really drill down and you really step back and you say, “Okay. What are we really doing here?” You’re filled with the basic chemical reaction of the bodies, HMG-CoA reductase. So this is how we synthesize sterol hormones. I mean, that can’t be realy that good, you know? And so in fact, there are some idiosyncratic reactions, some of which I’ve seen which are very harmful and they can cause really debilitating illness. They’re rare, I mean, they’re in the one per thousands but they happen.
But in general, there’s a more subtle background effect that people don’t like how they’re feeling them because you’re messing up the chemistry, you know. And the problem is that a fundamental premise of cholesterol lowering drugs seems so appealing, right? That if we lower the cholesterol because cholesterol is associated with these bad outcomes, you’ll have better outcomes, when in fact that logic appears to be totally flawed, you know?
High cholesterol is like Lucy in the Chocolate factory
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