World’s Richest Man predicts 3-day workweek – (Poorer billionaires predict an apocalypse)

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For today’s #PhilanthrophyFriday, I was inspired to revisit the theme of abundance and human evolution.

Last night, I was helping my 11-yo son with his history assignment: a comic, showing the evolution of mankind from the stone age, to the neolithic, to the modern industrial phase.  In Oliver’s last panel, his Homo sapiens sapiens concluded that the efficiencies of a mechanized world allowed them to enjoy being human.

This morning, I was pleased to find a similar sentiment from none less that Carlos Slim, the world’s richest man. 


Carlos Slim


I believe his position of the nobility of leisure is distinct from the rhetoric of many wealthy, who seem to view overpopulation as a threat to their own denominator. 


Don't slice our pies!

I don’t know if “Big Brothers’ to do list” list above is legitimate but it does represent the pillars of an agenda that flows from deep traditions of centralized authority : population control, eugenics, thought conformity, and control of spirituality.  Perhaps they envision a New World Order based on an expansion of Western Social Darwinism that espouses state-sponsored capitalism, authoritarian collectivism, and enlightened exceptionalism.

I think the circular logic goes like this: we, the ruling elite, wouldn’t be so powerful unless God wanted us to be; therefore, whatever we decide to do, must represent God’s will!  How convenient for anyone who is a bully and in power.  On vacation, I was recently struck recently by the hubris and certitude of what the caliphs wrote on the walls of the Throne Room of the Alhambra. Of course, they were sent packing five centuries ago by even bigger bullies, Ferdinand and Isabella.


¨From me you are welcomed morning and evening

by the tongues of blessing, prosperity, happiness and friendship¨

¨has decorated me with the robes of his glory and excellence

without disguise and has made me the throne of his empire

may its eminence be upheld by the master of divine glory and the celestial throne¨





So what do I envision as a safer future for human evolution?  I believe that, just as freedom and biodiversity leads to individual health, as in the case of multi-ethnic children, it also leads to ecological health, as with the rainforest biomes. 

That’s why I believe that freedom and diversity of thoughts will also serve to keep humankind healthier.




“The Musician and the Tree of Life” by Kevin Miller (2013)


How can happy and long-lived people share one world with the ruling elite? Well, sunlight+water+photosynthesis= electricity+sustainable food and income.  Our rulers just need to reach the epiphany that a free photovoltaic/water/and home-farming agenda means that everyone can have their cake and eat it too, not just Marie Antoinette and King Louis.

P.S.  I am happy to report that a collective  ‘slouching AWAY from Bethlehem’ is advocated by a much greater minds, namely the secular humanist, George Bernard Shaw. In “Back to Methuselah” he shows that human nature itself benefits from more healthy years. So in a way, he contradicts Shakespeare and asserts that the fault lays not within ourselves, but rather with our stars.  Read more in this blog about the relationship between longevity and altruism.

Maybe it’s the wrong ISIS that is being reborn in the dessert.  Along with the new Star Wars VII, we should have a second coming of this awesome TV show from the 70’s.  Who’s with me?


"Isis" - 1975-76