The Quickstart Page from Your Body’s Owner’s Manual

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For today’s #PhilanthropyFriday, let’s talk about what makes us fully-functioning humans. It is the union of thought and breath in a properly aligned body, free of constricted flow.

To start, read this free PDF that I wrote explaining 5 things you can do to increase telomerase:

In the world of acting, the Alexander technique explains how you can use body mechanics, positive affirmation, and alignment to immediately shift your state:

Finally, for those that place faith in established experts, here’s CNN, Nobel Prize-winner Elizabeth Blackburn, and health guru Dean Ornish saying the same thing:

mindfulness and telomeres

I am pleased to announce the arrival of my new supplement, RECHARGE™.  A proprietary blend of four of the world’s adaptogens, patients are feeling more balanced and flowing while taking it, which is the meaning of the Hawaiian word, “Lokahi”.   Please check out our website and our store and sign up for a monthly recurring subscription for just $99.


What one patient recently wrote:

The first night I took 6 capsules of the Recharge.  I was surprised at its potency.  It must have a superior delivery system.
In fact, we did formulate the pills to have a vegan capsule that protects the contents until it has passed through the stomach’s acidic and destructive environment.