“Satoshi” had the telomeres of an 85-year-old before taking TA-65

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Yesterday, I blogged about 85-yo Bob, who had an appropriately old immune system become 25 years “younger” after using TA-65 for two years.

Today, I want to present “Satoshi”, a 31-yo man on the outside but with the insides of an 85-yo with respect to his stem cell telomere damage.

In June of 2012, at the age of 31, he first consulted with me. He was an active ocean-swimmer, runner and kettle bell-wielder at 5’11” and around 145 lbs. To anyone first meeting him, he would have appeared to be quite healthy.

But his LifeLength telomere test was like that of an elderly man or a person with advanced AIDS.


His median white blood cell telomere length was very short at 5,010 base pairs and 31.89% of his telomeres were ready to cause serious mutations by virtue of their critically-short lengths of <3,000 base pairs.

When I met his mother, she told me of how as a full-term, six-week old baby, he spent six weeks in a plastic bubble, fighting for his life. Throughout childhood, he was always sick and feeling tired. Even as an adult, he never dreamt, which is something typical of older people.

From the outset of his two year course of taking TA-65 at 4 capsules nightly, “Satoshi” (a pseudonym) began feeling healthy, his hair grew stronger, he began to dream vividly. His energy was through the roof and he never got the colds and flus that he used to. Even more interestingly, he grew about an inch in his inseam and his posture and scoliosis improved.  All his life, he had felt like a tired, old man, but now, he knew for the first time what if felt like to feel young.

His April, 2014 telomere measurements also attest to this system-wide improvement and rejuvenation:



We see that his median telomere length increased to 13,600 from 5,010 and the critically-shortened telomeres dropped to only 9.3% from 31.9% (a 71% relative decrease). 

So, even after a +4,000 base pair ‘fudge factor’ between Version 2 and Version 3 (which I will explain in a future blog), he has seen +4,600 base pairs of improvement (or up to 46 years of rejuvenation.)

These results are not typical but they do illustrate the amazing and lasting transformations that can occur in the presence of a severely damaged system with adequate reserves.  It would have been very possible for such a person to die of leukemia in his thirties but now, he feels that he has a new lease on life.

Other than having to make adjustments to his custom suits, he couldn’t be happier and is convinced the TA-65 saved his life.  At 6ft and 165lbs, we chatted today as he strided fearlessly and briskly through Times Square.  He went from the “boy in the bubble” to Clark Kent and he couldn’t be happier.  I wish you could all have heard the enthusiasm in his voice which was only tempered by his frustration that no one seems to take his story seriously.  Welcome to my world.


To understand why AIDS and aging are one and the same disease, watch this podcast that I did on the subject: