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Dr. Park Rocks!, September 6, 2013
By Paul
This is a great work, as Dr. Park reveals himself as a gifted author, visionary, and overall cool person. With a wonderful story to tell, and even more wonderful science to back it up. Cutting edge, and most highly recommended!
The best explanation of TA-65 to date, August 5, 2013
By R. Larson (Sunnyvale, CA USA)
I found the book interesting as a guide to what has been happening to me, and to others. I’m 69, and have been taking 3 capsules daily for a bit over a year. For me, the most immediate effect of TA-65 has been better sleep and vivid dreaming. And after a while, I realized that exercise recovery is faster. Dr. Park’s description of the “upward spiral of health” is definitely true.

One thing that caught me entirely off guard is that I had to buy new eyeglasses. The prescription for one eye improved from -2.5 to -1.5 in maybe 6 months. Of course it seemed like my vision was worse, and it was because the old prescription was no longer correct. Only time will tell if my vision continues to change, but I like the direction.

The biggest criticism I’ve heard about TA-65 is that it is unproven. And in today’s world of drugs, that is a bad thing. Dr. Park explains that while TA-65 is new, the plant that it is isolated from has been used in Chinese medicine for thousands of years. It’s sort of Silicon Valley Bio-tech meets traditional Chinese Medicine.

While TA-65 was selected on the basis of activating telomerase, the effects seem to go beyond what I would expect of just having longer telomeres. Dr. Park theorizes that there are at least 4 mechanisms of action: prevention, faster replication, stochastic, and apoptosis. He thinks that these mechanisms may explain delayed improvement that occurs only after the Hayflick limit is reached on damaged cells. Huh? Read the book…

Excellent read!, August 4, 2013
By steven
Excellent read! Enjoyed it immensely! Perfect blend of science and hope. I highly recommend this book for the anti-aging enthusiast.
Telomere Time Bombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging, August 3, 2013
By DoktrChris
This is beautifully written in a very laid back style. Although it is quite technical Ed has a fantastic story telling ability which captures your intellect . Long live your stem cells !! They will if you apply what Dr Ed teaches
Learn about the forefront of longevity theory, August 1, 2013
By  Thomas (ANNAPOLIS, Moldova, Republic of)
I am emphatically enjoying my read of Telomere Timebombs and suggest all health nuts, skeptics, philosophers, or anyone with an inkling of mental agility give it a go. I am reading this after already devouring most of his online educational material and testing TA-65 on myself and family. There have been noticeable results which I keep from my review for privacy concerns, but you need not believe me to just be curious enough to dig in. I did not start a fan of Dr. Parks worldview, but his logic and clarity have won me over. I was admittedly already “biologically aware,” with some sense of emergent systems and the tyranny of previously held beliefs in us all, when I originally challenged Dr. Parks seemly unbelievable suggestion that disease and aging remediation could be so “simple.”

Probably this book will provide a great deal of cognitive dissonance and getting to the other side of that will be everyone’s own personal journey…in which many will not succeed, that being said the material in this book is presented in the most palatable manner. He is a rare scientist/doctor able to write about technical material in the most engaging manner. I’ll be curious to see what backlash arises as people’s conceptions of life’s possibilities are radically challenged. I for one am still trying to work out the implications given that I now find Dr. Park’s account of aging and aging remediation the most convincing one out there. For those who find this dubious as I initially did, please engage in the discussion and elucidate where he and now I are missing something, but at the same time perhaps be mindful of all of our own biases towards protecting our unquestioned hidden belief systems and if possible state objections clearly with theory, mechanisms or data that can be constructively engaged with.

Most of all enjoy the philosophical challenges this book poses.


burning the candle at both ends, August 1, 2013
When I was introduced to dr. park, I began to review his videos on the subject. after reading this book and using TA-65 product for three months, I have seen the results of his research inside and out. dr. park answers all your questions before you need to ask. he writes with such an ease and he explains medical terms for even me to understand… one example I will use because it can be seen is the fact that my skin was so dry (i’m 64). I just thought the sun damaged me and I have to live with it. no I was wrong. if I go days without using cream, I look like I put an expensive cream on. people make remarks to me about how great I look. i’m amazed. my lung capacity has increased, I noticed my lung capacity when I was in st. Thomas with friends a lot younger than me. I left them in the dust. in all seriousness, as a baby boomer who just had brain surgery a year ago I feel great. I do only take one tablet but I would like to take two a day and sometimes I do. dr. park takes four.  When I looked at a picture of a candle with both ends lit, it reminded me of a telomere. the medical field has known about this for a long time.

I think that as old sayings go “you are burning the candle at both ends” has a lot of meaning. life catches up to you and your telomere’s get shorter.
lots of things contribute to this. without going into my personal feelings on the medical field I will leave you with this one thought “anyone can
lengthen their telomeres by doing one of two things or both really: proper supplements and eating right or taking TA-65 for that extra push”



Fantastic Overview of Telomere Biology, August 25, 2013
By T. Chatham
Dr Ed Park provides a brilliant and very easy to understand overview of Telomeres and Telomerase and the potential for this area of science to change totally the way people think about aging and health.
Timebomb Defused, August 18, 2013
By A. Barry Manclark (Canberra, ACT, AU)
I have been following the progress on the science Telomeres Telomerase for quite some time now.

Hunting through the medical reports and papers found on legitimate sites such as PubMed.

Over the last two and a half years I have watched Dr.Ed Park’s PodCasts on various conditions and topics. I found these were very informative and presented in a way that I would expect that anyone with an interest would be able to follow Dr. Parks simple and sound explanations.

I bought the book as soon as it became available. Dr. Park’s book brought answers to all my questions raised by my studies. In fact it also brought to light the many missing questions accompanied by their relevant answers.

The great thing about reading this book on Kindle is the fact that you can easily underline,make notes, highlight and book mark the pages.

The down-side being: The fact that you can easily underline, make notes, highlight and book mark the pages of Telomere Timebombs means that in effect,
the content that isn’t referenced in any way stands out amongst the : “underline’s notes, highlight’s and book mark’s! LOL

This is a book I expect to go over and over as the subject is vast and ever evolving.

Sound science that is supported by facts, findings and results.

This is the wrong book if you are looking for Snake Oil or Witch-craft or claims from the Pretty lady dancing bare-foot around you sprinkling flower petals whilst chanting to rid you of your Cancer! ($500 a private session)

You will have fun supporting your favorite activity, ..You will have life supporting your Telomere’s.

Would I recommend this book?, …. Absolutely! I already have as I understand it’s one of those rare books that should be mandatory in our education system.

Barry M. Australia