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I received this testimonial about my adaptogeneic supplement, RECHARGE. As Julie mentions, most people feel the difference from the very first night!!

“A couple of months ago I first tried RECHARGE, thanks to hearing of the amazing results an acquaintance of mine was having, after having used it for some 3 months. It seemed as though every part of his life was enhanced by it, and as I had tried virtually everything under the sun for my severe and prolonged sleep issues, insomnia along with mild to moderate sleep apnea, I thought, what could I possibly lose?

I should mention that I am fundamentally very healthy, and my main problem for at least the past 8 years has been disturbed sleep patterns so severe, I was having dangerously high blood pressure for the first time in my life, which thankfully has stopped, thanks to a return to a mostly normal sleep pattern. At its worst, I was sleeping about 2-4 hours per night, total.

insomniaThere were nights when I could not sleep more than an hour at a time. One memorable night, when I was still working, I did not fall asleep at all, but went to work anyway. I was afraid to drive under the circumstances, so instead took a shuttle to work. I could barely walk up the stairs to the shuttle, or indeed, walk at all!  I “crashed” a bit later on at work, and had to go home to bed. That was about 7 years ago or so, and I have since retired. There would have been no way for me to continue working with this sort of condition.


I expected that I might see some results from using RECHARGE after some weeks. To my surprise and delight, I noticed a difference the very first night! Not only was I able to fall right back to sleep if I awakened, I noted vivid dreams. I used to have vivid dreams back in the 1980s when I was in a dream group. In 1988 I stopped writing my dreams down for the group meetings because there was no longer anything to write about. I hadn’t remembered my dreams in all of these years, until just recently when I began using Recharge. The dreams are one indication of achieving much-needed restful and restorative sleep.


I have already taken steps to fulfill one of my goals in retirement, taking some online classes and training in a subject which has interested me my entire life. I am also able to be more active and take more frequent walks and do more gym workouts, and may soon take on some part-time work. All these are things I have had to put off indefinitely, due to never being rested enough to do more than the barest minimum to keep the household going for myself and my husband. I look forward to a new era in my life!”

– Julie R. (65-yo woman from Santa Cruz)

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