It’s World Osteoporosis Day! – But that doesn’t mean it’s a real disease…

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Did you know Oct 20th is World Osteoporosis Day?  Just as people are now broadly questioning the use of cholesterol-lowering drugs, I believe the use of osteoporosis medications will soon be under fire.

• Did you know these bone health drugs work by poisoning one of the two types of cells charged with maintaining bone health?

• Did you know that Vitamin D can cause osteoporosis?

• And finally, that Calcium is not proven to prevent osteoporosis?

To learn about the root causes of osteoporosis, which lie in stem cell aging, watch my video on the topic and read my book, “Telomere Timebombs”



I will leave you with a very common email that I receive that may represent improvement of bone and joint related complaints. I hope we can establish some clinical trials of TA-65 or other adaptogens soon so that more people can benefit:

Dr. Park,

I have been taking TA65 md 2 tablets per night as advised.  35 tablets so far.

I broke my ankle severely in 79 and it has always been very stiff with poor movement and lot’s
of pain when starting out in the morning. Would limp for a while until it got worked in.
It seems that most of the morning pain is gone and limping gone too.

I have also had some pain in my left leg, hip areas for about a year. My Left knee would always ache. Both those pains are almost gone.
I am coming up on 57 yrs. old but I have to tell you that I think this very expensive rejuvenation supplement
is the real deal for me…

I am a auto mechanic of 30 yrs. now. Constantly racking cars and bending and lifting wheels etc. all day long.
I have not felt this good since I can remember.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Paul E. (Pacifica, California)


And here is another similar anecdote from a patient who recently started taking my nutriceutical, RECHARGE™:

Patty and I started taking RECHARGE about 8 weeks ago.  We had noticed very big improvements during that initial month.  
I am 53 years old.  While I have worked as a police officer for the past 26 years, I have also been busy for the past 11 years building a house, garage, cabin, etc.  I have also led a somewhat active lifestyle with 4wheeling, snowmobiling, hunting, etc.  In essence, I have abused my body with activity.  For about a month prior to taking RECHARGE, my right knee was becoming more and more sore and just under the lower right portion of my kneecap, I had a very sore spot.  In fact, if I even touched it, it sent a burning sharp pain up and down my leg.  I could no longer kneel even with knee pads.  Within days of taking RECHARGE, the pain started going away and within about 10 days, all the pain was gone and I couldn’t even find where it had been sore.  My outlook improved, I had more energy and it seemed as if I was losing weight, although I didn’t step on the scale.  When we ran out, I noticed after several days, that both knees were becoming sore again, not the pain I had previously, but just weren’t bending as well and a little sore.  I had stopped wearing knee pads and had to start wearing them again to kneel.  I lost some of the energy I had gained.  Now that we are back taking RECHARGE, it has been about 2 weeks now and once again, I have no pain in my knees, I feel good and have energy back.  Oh, and yes, while taking RECHARGE, my dreams are very vivid and sometimes very unusual, but I sleep well and look forward to sleeping.
Gary Y. (Fairbanks, Alaska)