Is depression related to shorter telomeres in girls?

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For today’s #WebinarWednesday, I want to briefly mention a study linking depression in 10 to 14-yo girls with telomere shortening. Of course, I don’t actually subscribe to shorter telomeres being a direct proxy for “rapid aging” but here it is anyway.


depression in girls and telomeres


The research in this field tended to reject the link between depression and shorter telomeres but in recent years, the studies have been mixed with a greater number of studies showing an association (like this Epel study from the NHNES study data that I recently blogged about) whereas other still show no correlation like this New Zealand study.


To learn how TA-65 can be associated with improvement in some people with depression, check out Podcast 19: “Depression”.


Podcast 19: Depression

People often ask what differences I notice now that I am taking RECHARGE rather than TA-65. I would say the mood stabilization is stronger with RECHARGE and so it may be a better choice for those with anxiety.

Have a great holiday season and remember that a great trick to rerouting depression is to experience gratitude for all the challenges in your life. That which does not kill you, only makes you stronger unless you want to be bitter or dwell on it, in which case your telomeres may shorten and  you will probably be a drag to be around.