Interesting discussion of my book, TA-65, and Longevity

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telomere timebombs thread

Thank you to my patient for finding this discussion thread about my book,

Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging

telomere timebombs thread

And a big thank you to Owen Fonorow, the head of the Vitamin C Foundation, for purchasing 200 copies of the book for resale. He wrote:

“…this book by Park compacts the most important information I have ever read into a short book that can be read and understood by any fifth grader! Quite an achievement in and off itself. For example, I probably know more after one reading about stem cells then if I read a textbook on stem cells, or took a semester college course!”

Here are some author reviews:

“Dr. Ed Park is on to something. A new way to age by turning back the clock!”
– Suzanne Somers

“Dr. Park’s book offers a clear and friendly account of the role of telomeres in causing age-related diseases and the enormous potential of telomerase to prevent and cure age-related diseases by reversing human aging at the genetic level. The tide is now racing in and Dr. Park is on top of the wave, leading the way for patients and clinicians worldwide.”
— Michael Fossel, MD, PhD.
 – Author of “Reversing Human Aging

“If you know Ed Park the way I do you know that Ed Park has No Trouble thinking outside the box. The result is Ed’s explanations logic and organizational style in this work are spot on, entertaining and 100% unique like Ed himself! If you are looking for a comforting rehash of what has been said and written before you won’t find it here. Ed digs deep and pulls no punches. He basically says out loud what many of us think but are afraid to say. Telomere time Bombs is like no other book out there! Get it, read it and learn it, then use it to enlighten the world!”         -Dave Woynarowski MD, Author-The Immortality Edge

To learn my Grand Unified Stem Cell Theory of Aging, purchase your copy today:
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