How RECHARGE saved my ski vacation

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I am fortunate to be skiing in Jackson Hole this week.  This is an actual picture that I took flying into the airport.



True story: I decided to snowboard the first day because I left my ski boots in the hotel.  I had a blast but as everyone knows, the first day of snowboarding usually involves falling and yesterday was no exception.



When I got back to the hotel, I had a sprained right wrist and a pretty serious case of whiplash.  I couldn’t even sit up before I went to bed, having to roll to the side to adjust the pillows.

So I took six RECHARGE capsules and slept for eight hours. And just as I anticipated, I awoke with no wrist pain and barely a sore neck.  As a result, I was able to ski all day today!  You could anticipate the same results from TA-65 but my own supplement, RECHARGE, is more affordable.  For more info, go to

How does this happen? When you sleep, your stem cells copy like mad to replace injured cells. Because DNA copying is a rate-limiting step, anything adaptogenic that helps cells copy faster will speed recovery. Normally your growth hormone peaks around 2AM for just this reason- physical repair. That is why I advise people taking adaptogens to take before sleep because if you take them in the morning, there is little repair-assistance by the time you need it most. And by the way, the same principle applies for mental repair and that is why you dream so vividly and wake up refreshed when you take RECHARGE.


To hear more instances of hyper-efficient injury repair with adaptogens, watch this video: