Heavy Metals and telomere shortening & Dr. Norm Shealy Part 2: “the chakras”

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Here is an article about a study linking heavy metal toxicity with shorter telomeres.

heavy metals


So what could be causing this?  Interestingly, my own heavy metal values came back just awesome this summer, with an almost undetectable cadmium level after 7 years of telomerase activation:

ed park heavy metal

So was there a direct link between my low toxic metal count and my lengthening telomeres? Doubtful.  That is why we need to think about the cells, their functions, and how systems interact in a more holistic way. 

As described in this segment of my interview with the founder of the American Holistic Medicine Association, there may be something to the idea of chakras and bioenergy that explains how we can positively impact health. When the whole organism function well, then the balance, or ‘lokahi’ of the system will naturally purge heavy metals.

We may be barking up an artificial tree when we make these associations between telomeres and incidental findings such as cadmium levels, to say nothing of equating shortened telomeres to aging.  So we should embrace a more holistic understanding by  accepting that everything moves together and that physiology is a complex symphony.