God’s Speed, Robin Williams

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Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting"

Robin Williams’ heart stopped beating 4 days ago but there is no way anyone can tell me he doesn’t live on in all of us.  Just take a look at this clip to understand the depths of his great soul.


Robin Williams in "Good Will Hunting"


Suicide seems like a rational choice only if one is overwhelmed by major depression, sleep disorder, and impulsiveness.  It is brought about by isolation, hopelessness, and a rage directed against the self.

There are many contributing factors towards this downward spiral that can be ameliorated with the use of RECHARGE or TA-65.  The adaptogenic response helps stabilize mood, improve sleep, and reduce obsessiveness.

You can find important information about sleep and depression at my YouTube channel:  “drpark65″

To learn more about the role of addictions and sleep dysfunction in the downward spiral leading to voluntarily ending one’s life, watch this video on addictions:

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