Dr. Stephen Colbert, DFA, interviews the man who cured aging! (…and I interview his protégé)

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At the 2014 American Academy of Anti-Aging, we were lucky to interview Dr. Sandy Chang, MD, PhD, who is a leading researcher in the field of telomere biology.

In this first segment, Dr. Chang explains that we really don’t know what the normal human birth endowment of telomere length is and we then discuss why lab mice have abnormally long telomeres and are therefore not a good model to study our aging.

Dr. Sandy Chang interviewed



Finally, he touches upon this paper by his mentor, Dr. Ronald DePinho, in which the latter engineered mice to age with telomere attrition (like humans), and then by turning on telomerase, reversed those signs of aging.

Here is a video in which the now president of the MD Anderson Cancer Center explains telomeres to a complete idiot (whom I will miss so very much)


dePinho on Colbert



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