Do adaptogens help you recover more quickly from colds and flus?

drparkRecharge Biomedical

podcast 24: Colds and Flus

24 hrs ago, I was suffering from headache, cough, fevers, chills, and body aches. After 4 capsules of RECHARGE and 12 hrs sleep, I seem to be fine.

One of the most frequent reports I get is that people taking RECHARGE or TA-65 get less frequent and less severe colds. I think it is because the immune system copies and mounts a stronger response. Here is a blog linking telomeres to colds


Watch this video podcast about colds and flus to learn more:


N.B. These statements represent clinical anecdotal experience and have not been reviewed by the FDA. TA-65 and RECHARGE are not FDA-approved to treat or prevent any disease but I do believe they improve immune function.