Bob Seitz is 85-years young and getting younger

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Let me preface this posting by saying I’ve recently reviewed three consecutive LifeLength telomere reports showing slight deterioration while taking TA-65.  But it is noteworthy that none those patients’ tests resembled each others and like fingerprints, the results must be understood in light of an individual’s continuing stress, aging, possible inadequate absorption, or even a complete lack of TA-65 effect.

That said, Bob Seitz did us all a service when he was lucky enough to win a free bottle of TA-65 from yours truly. He liked it and started taking it in 2012.  This is what he looked like before taking TA-65 in 2011 (although the measurements are actually from 6 months after starting):



Bob was meticulous enough to total the histograms from this 2012 analysis and came up with a critically-shortened total of 13.5%

2012 results

We were both pleased to learn that his test in October of 2014 showed a median length of 9,500 base pairs (or up to 25 years improvement) and a reduction to 8.3% critically-shortened telomeres (or a 38% relative reduction):

2014 OctoberNote that previously, there were no telomeres measured above 25,000 and now there are many, indicating either an improvement in the hematopoetic stem cells that existed or an expansion in the available library of stem cells now generating his immune system.

And this is what Bob looked like in a recent (albeit differently-lit) photo:



So the question is, can you really afford NOT to consider the possibility that this is helping Bob and could help you?

If you did a previous LifeLength test with us, I have negotiated to allow your old sample to be repeated free of charge if you pay for a new one.  Nota bene: Bob’s changes cannot be attributed to version differences as these results were both done on the most recent Version 3 methodology and the chances are good that we will still have a sample of yours preserved on liquid nitrogen for a repeat evaluation as well.