Best Testimonial – Ever… The Mentos-Diet Coke Geyser!

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For our #TuesdayTestimonial, I want to share what happens when you put a roll of Mentos quickly into a 2-liter bottle of Diet Coke, courtesy of chemical engineer and TA-65 user, Rocky Costello.


It’s a great testimonial because it proves how curious, silly, and fun you can be when you rid yourself of chronic disease and realize you are getting younger, not older.


Rocky, now 63-yo, was 58 years old when he first contacted me to try TA-65.  Within a year, his scoliosis had improved and his discs had regenerated on every level. You have to check out that video because I KNOW you know many people with back pain.  Since he won’t ever stop taking TA-65, I think it is possible that he will be doing wacky things like this when he is 163 years old too!
PODCAST 7 - Back Pain

Now, without further ado, the glory of the Mentos-Diet Coke geyser!

Rocky's high jinks

Post by Rocky Costello.

(Why does this occur?  You know how a grain of sand at the bottom of a Perrier causes a little trail of bubbles (or CO2) to form?  Well, plain Mentos candy has phenomenal surface area owing to the many tiny pits which form nuclei for gas desolubilization – Thanks for explaining that, Rocky!)