1,269 downloads in 3 days. Thank you, everyone!

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Just a brief posting to thank everyone who downloaded and spread the word about our Kindle free download promotion. I was very grateful that during our three-day promotion, 1,269 distinct people decided to click and download my book, “Telomere Timebombs: Defusing the Terror of Aging”

Kindle downloads

This put us on top ranking for telomere books on Amazon but more importantly, it allows many other people to get acquainted with my simple and universal truth: “There is only one disease- with a thousand faces.” -Dr. Ed Park (aka mois)

What is amazing is that on Amazon books for the search term “telomere”, there are only five pamphlets, two scientific tomes, one biography of Elizabeth Blackburn and three other books which feature telomeres among other theories.  So, mine is the only book that systematically attempts to explain telomere biology at a level that anyone can comprehend. 

Finally, if you know anyone who is a fan of my videos or other word whose star power would impress, please have them contact me to pen a personal endorsement.  We are trying to land a book deal for our breakout title and it would be a tremendous help.