108 words written by Dani Sackman Carroll

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For today’s #PhilanthrophyFriday, I am too tired to write after moving apartments, back to school gatherings, and trying to keep the plates spinning in my personal and professional lives.




That is why I am grateful to post someone else’s words. These are words that I’ve wanted to share with my subscribers for their simple clarity and wisdom.  They were written by my friend, Dani, who graciously allowed me to pass them to you. You may pass them along as well. Although I first heard them in a sweaty, Yoga-blissed moment, even in my very enervated state,  they ring clear as Tibetan singing bowls. :-)




Who is Dani Sackman?  She is a writer and one great souls who lead Yoga classes in a studio that I try to attend daily.


I am responsible for the practice and growth of mindfulness in my own life. I understand that my actions and inactions cause a ripple effect throughout the world. Every day is a chance for me to discover even more about myself. Every moment is an opportunity for me to give others the space they need to be themselves. Within me exists a universe of awe, and every morning is a reminder of my duty to participate fully in the development of my life. This life is my inheritance as a human being and I will claim it by living as fully as I possibly can through compassionate participation.


P.S.   Sorry the posts have been few and far between in the last two months. Now that the kids are back in school, it is time to get back to writing and you will be hearing more from me.

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P.P.S  (did you know that 108 is a sacred number?  click here to learn more: 108)